World Hepatitis Day 2023

World Hepatitis Day 2023

World Hepatitis Day is a yearly event held on the 28th of July to raise awareness of viral hepatitis and its detrimental effect on global health. As a result of its inception, this day has functioned as a platform for advocating action, drawing attention to the necessity for prevention, and pushing towards improved access to diagnosis and treatment for individuals affected by hepatitis. On World Hepatitis Day in 2023, the world will renew its dedication to eliminating this preventable and treatable epidemic that poses a threat.

World Hepatitis Day 2023: Theme

The theme for World Hepatitis Day 2023 is “One Life, One Liver.” A global appeal to accelerate the essential measures that improve viral hepatitis prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, ultimately improving liver health and meeting global hepatitis eradication targets by 2030.

Viral hepatitis has been dubbed a “silent killer” because many patients are asymptomatic until the disease progresses to the advanced stage, when it results in severe complications, compromising patients’ well-being and quality of life. As a result, frequent screening and preventive measures contribute to the prevention and incidence of liver illnesses.

This year’s World Hepatitis Day theme, “One Life, One Liver, aims to raise public awareness about the importance of prevention, detection at an early stage, and adherence to the recommended treatment. Furthermore, the governing authorities are urged to swiftly implement the necessary measures to eradicate viral hepatitis, maintain a healthy liver, and fulfil the global 2030 goals.

World Hepatitis Day 2023

World Hepatitis Day 2023: History

The World Health Organisation (WHO) launched World Hepatitis Day in partnership with other global health partners. On July 28, 2011, the inaugural World Hepatitis Day was marked to commemorate the birthday of Nobel Laureate Dr Baruch S. Blumberg, who discovered the hepatitis B virus (HBV) and created a diagnostic test and vaccine for it. However, this particular day was chosen to celebrate the significant contributions he made to hepatitis research as well as public health.

World Hepatitis Day 2023: Significance

Hepatitis is a group of viral diseases caused by hepatitis viruses, the most common of which are types A, B, C, D, and E. These viruses can cause acute and chronic liver infections, as well as liver cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver cancer in extreme cases. According to the WHO, an estimated 325 million individuals worldwide have viral hepatitis, with many of them being ignorant of their infection. Each year, over 1.4 million people die as a result of hepatitis-related illnesses, resulting in an extremely prevalent global health issue.

World Hepatitis Day is extremely significant in the following:

Raising Awareness:

The day allows people, communities, and policymakers to get informed about the risks of hepatitis, its mode of transmission, and possible preventive measures. Awareness plays an essential role in facilitating early diagnosis and treatment.

Advocating for Testing and Treatment Access:

World Hepatitis Day functions as a call to action to enhance access to cost-effective and precise hepatitis testing and treatment. Improved access to medical services can help in the diagnosis and management of hepatitis infections, preventing complications and transmission.

Promoting Vaccination:

Vaccination is a critical component in the prevention of hepatitis, particularly hepatitis B. World Hepatitis Day promotes vaccine campaigns, especially in areas where hepatitis is prevalent.

World Hepatitis Day 2023

Supporting Elimination Efforts:

The 2030 goal of completely eradicating viral hepatitis as a global health issue is an impressive one. On World Hepatitis Day, numerous stakeholders are mobilised to support the fight against hepatitis through increased monitoring, policy advocacy, and financial allocation.

Reducing Stigma and Discrimination:

Hepatitis patients frequently encounter stigma and discrimination, which can impede access to healthcare and support. This day promotes understanding and compassion for individuals who have been affected, as well as a welcoming and encouraging environment.

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