How to remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste

How To Remove A Hickey In Seconds With Toothpaste

When it comes to unplanned displays of affection, hickeys frequently become evident, leaving many in need of a quick remedy. That means you’re certainly not alone if you have ever thought about how to remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste. Due to its accessibility and ease of use, this non-traditional remedy has become increasingly popular. In this detailed article, we’ll go into the facts underlying this technique, offering detailed instructions as well as a bit of added tips that will help you say goodbye to that unwelcome love bite.

What Are Hickeys?

How to remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste

Let’s take a moment to define hickeys before moving on to the toothpaste remedy. These so-called “love marks,” sometimes called “love bites” or “kisses,” are caused by biting or suctioning the skin, which breaks your blood vessels and leaves a purple or reddish mark. Despite being harmless, hickeys can cause some people to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

How Does The Toothpaste Technique Work?

The technique of making use of toothpaste to remove a hickey originates from its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. Toothpaste tends to contain menthol or peppermint oil, respectively, which can help relax the affected area and reduce swelling while promoting much faster healing.

How To Remove A Hickey In Seconds With Toothpaste

Follow these simple steps below to figure out how to remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste.

How to remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste

1. Choosing The Right Toothpaste:

Choose a toothpaste with a high level of mint or peppermint oil. Each of these substances helps with the cooling effect that promotes getting rid of inflammation.

2. Cleaning The Hickey Area

Use a mild cleaner to gently remove any oil or debris from the hickey and the skin surrounding it. Use a clean towel to pat the area dry.

3. Apply A Small Quantity Of Toothpaste

Apply a pea-sized quantity of toothpaste on your fingers and apply it straight to the hickey. Make sure that the whole affected area is well covered.

4. Massage In A Circular Motions

Massage the toothpaste into the hickey in a gentle circular motion. Although the skin surrounding hickeys might be sensitive, avoid applying excessive pressure.

5. Allow It For A Few Minutes

Allow the toothpaste to stay for a few minutes on the hickey. This enables the toothpaste’s cooling effects to do their intended function.

6. Remove The Excess

Wipe the toothpaste off with a clean, moist towel after a few minutes. Make sure there is nothing left behind and that the hickey area is clean.


Although the toothpaste technique for getting rid of hickeys may not appear like magic right away, it ultimately can be an effective and promptly accessible remedy for a lot of people. Keep in mind that different people have different skin types; therefore, what works for a certain person might not work for another person.

How to remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste

In conclusion, while their appearance might be unwelcome, hickeys are a natural aspect of the human sense of emotion and cannot be defined by their existence in your life.

How to remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Can you remove a hickey with any toothpaste?

Yes, although toothpaste containing higher levels of mint or peppermint oil tends to be more beneficial because of its cooling effects.

Q2: For how long does the toothpaste treatment take for it to be effective?

However, results vary, and a lot of people see an improvement within just a few hours to a day.

Q3: Can toothpaste be used on sensitive skin?

A patch test is recommended first because toothpaste can cause irritation in people with sensitive skin.

Q4: Are there any potential risks to using toothpaste to remove hickeys?

However, using excessive amounts of toothpaste or applying a lot of pressure while massaging might cause skin irritation. Apply this remedy moderately.

Q5: Can I use toothpaste on my fresh hickey?

Absolutely, applying toothpaste to the hickey as soon as it appears could possibly reduce the swelling and discolouration that appear.

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