Can Anxiety Cause Right Bundle Branch Block?

Anxiety is, without a doubt, a debilitating mental health condition. It not only affects your thoughts, but it also affects your health. It can harm the right and left bundle branch blocks in your heart for a relatively short period or for the rest of your life, causing hypertension, induce palpitation, and several other conditions.

What is the Right Bundle Branch?

A right bundle branch block is a blockage in your right bundle branch that ultimately triggers your heartbeat signal to be delayed and therefore out of rhythm with your left bundle branch, resulting in an abnormal heartbeat. Electrical impulses in your heart function as a pacemaker, controlling your heartbeats. Your sinoatrial (SA) node transmits this signal, which causes your left and right atria (upper heart chambers) to bind. This signal eventually proceeds to your atrioventricular (AV) node and bundle branches, causing your left and right ventricles to constrict.

The signal usually migrates through both bundle branches at the same time, causing both ventricles to function simultaneously. The right ventricle contracts later than the left when the signal travels down the right bundle branch at a slower rate than the left bundle branch. When you have a right bundle branch block, the signal has to move around a block in the branch, and this is what actually takes place. This causes an abnormal heartbeat (arrhythmia) since the ventricles are just not functioning at the same time. The right bundle branch block can usually happen to healthy individuals. It is more prone to occur in elderly individuals.

can anxiety cause right bundle branch block

What causes the right bundle branch block?

Right bundle branch block can be caused by a variety of factors, such as:

  • Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack).
  • Lev’s disease and Lenegre’s disease.
  • Chest trauma.
  • Anxiety.
  • Stretching.
  • Long-term hypertension.
  • Stress.
  • Right heart catheterization.
  • Myocarditis.
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).
can anxiety cause right bundle branch block

How Can Anxiety Cause Right Bundle Branch Block?

Anxiety is a major effect of any type of heart blockage. This is also applicable to the right bundle branch block. Literally, anxiety is a state of being too anxious. For every occurrence, there is indeed a trigger that causes you to become apprehensive, resulting in an instant reaction such as a pounding heart, sweating profusely, hyperventilation, stress, panicking, fatigue, vertigo, poor concentration, dizziness, and loss of balance. During times of anxiety Excessive palpitation causes your heart to beat much faster than usual. Your heart rate and breathing rate simultaneously increase, resulting in prolonged pressure in your heart.

When there is an abnormal rhythm of heartbeats, a block appears to happen. When both ventricles or atria do not beat equal time and rhythm, an imbalance occurs, and therefore a block is formed.

how to prevent the Right bundle branch block

1. A Balanced Diet

Having a variety of nutritious foods helps to restore heart health. A healthy, well-balanced diet will result in a healthy body, which will reduce the risk of heart conditions, heart blocks, as well as anxiety.

2. adequate sleep

Solid eight-hour sleep is critical for your health and vitality. Sleep not only helps to keep you healthy, but it also relaxes you beyond your wildest dreams. It refreshes your body and enables it to proceed to function effectively again.

3. Exercise

Physical activity is beneficial to maintaining a healthy and active mind. The adrenaline surge that you get when you exercise boosts your mood. It aids in the removal of anxiety and stress from the body. When you exercise in your preferred forms, more happy hormones are secreted.

bottom line

can anxiety cause right bundle branch block

Anxiety can block both bundle branches, resulting in a heart attack. The heart begins to slow and may become lethal as a result of the rapid loss of blood flow. Anxiety may be prevented with the proper anxiety management treatment and a nutritious diet. As a result, you may stay healthy and active!

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