batana oil for hair growth

Batana Oil For Hair Growth

Many people have utilized Batana Oil for Hair Growth to treat hair loss. It helps to improve new hair growth and protects the hair from additional damage. Natural components in batana oil include vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Technically, these two elements enhance hair growth as well as protect it from damage. Batana Oil for Hair Growth is an excellent remedy for individuals who suffer from hair loss. It helps promote new hair growth while maintaining strong hair.

What Is Batana Oil?

Literally, batana oil is extracted from the fruit pulp of the palm tree known as the “batana”. There are three different kinds of oils in the fruit: seed oil, kernel oil, and fiber oil. Each of the three has unique uses and benefits. Vitamin E, protein, omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants are all found in abundance in seed oil. While fiber oil mostly consists of dietary fiber, kernel oil is higher in saturated fats and vitamins A and D.

batana oil for hair growth

What Are The Benefits Of Batana Oil?

Batana oil has multiple benefits. Batana oil has been used for decades to promote hair growth and is beneficial in treating a wide range of health problems. Batana oil comprises omega-3 fatty acids, which moisturize and nurture your scalp and parched hair. Batana oil can also repair sores. Another benefit of batana oil is that it doesn’t induce allergic reactions. The benefits of batana oil are as follows.

1. Getting Rid of Hair Loss and Promoting Hair Growth

Batan oil increases blood flow to your scalp. As the oil is equally distributed across the scalp, all of the hair follicles receive nutrients quickly as possible. Oleic acid and linoleic acid together make up 90% of the oil’s dietary content. Together with the fatty acids, this nourishes and enters the strands of hair and roots, restoring their optimal health and promoting hair growth.

2. Moisturizing

Batana oil has a strong hydrating effect because it is primarily a moisturizer. It improves hair nutrition. As a result of the detergents in conditioners and shampoos or even the abrasiveness of water, batana oil will effectively prevent your damaged ends from being excessively parched.

3. Enhancing Colour

This batana oil can be used as an all-natural dye by gradually darkening grey and white hair so they return to your natural hair colour, in addition to being excellent for hair growth and avoiding hair breakage. Batana oil for hair, like any effective conditioner, might support hair shaft resilience and reduce hair breakage. However, you still can use the batana oil in substitutes for conventional moisturizers or simply add a few drops of batana oil to your regular conditioner to increase its soothing effect.

4. Enhances Shinier Hair

Oleic and linoleic acids found in batana oil do amazing deeds for hair that have been exposed to chemical treatments such as hair dyes, UV radiation, or industrial pollution. They also increase the shine of your hair. Along the shaft, it provides your scalp with a layer of protection. Your hair becomes softer and shinier as a result of more reflection of light on it.

5. Promotes Hair Thickness

Batana oil is known for treating damaged hair and promoting hair growth due to its fatty acids. It however permeates your hair shaft’s outer layer. The steadily increasing growth and significantly reduced hair loss make your hair thicker and healthier.

Batana oil for hair is effective at both preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. So, whether you have a hair loss issue or not, you can use batana oil, and the outcomes will be positive.

Batana oil for hair growth

How Long Can You Leave Batana Oil In Your Hair?

You can keep the Batana oil in your hair for 20 minutes or overnight. Although, most people choose to wipe it off after a few minutes.

How To Use Batana Oil For Hair Growth

  •  Boil a tiny quantity of batana In a double boiler,
  • Allow the oil to cool slightly before carefully applying it to your hair.
  • Use your thumb and middle finger to massage the oil into your head and down the shaft of your hair. Please make use of a comb to ensure that it is equally coated.
  • Put on a shower cover to keep the heat in and to aid in the absorption of the oil into your strands.
  • Soak the oil for about 20-30 minutes.
  •  Cleanse the oil from your hair and wash it as usual.
Batana Oil for Hair growth


There are no drawbacks to using batana oil for hair growth because it provides all the benefits for your strands. It improves your hair overall by feeding, nourishing, strengthening, adding shine, and volumizing. In addition to the benefits, this oil is probably going to give you some boasting grounds.

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