World Health Day 2022: “Our Planet, Our Health”. 

Not only does health refer to physical well-being, but it also refers to psychological and social well-being. A person is considered healthy if he or she possesses all three. According to the World Health Organization, individual joy and well-being are essential for quality health. Healthy individuals live longer and are more productive, which contributes greatly to economic growth. Millions of people all over the world suffer from a range of serious illnesses. However, World Health Day is commemorated every year to raise global awareness of people’s overall health and well-being.


World Health Day is recognized and celebrated on the 7th of April. The day is commemorated every year to support the World Health Organization’s goal of raising awareness about health-related concerns and bringing attention to specific health challenges that affect people all over the world. After the First Health Assembly in 1948 established 7 April as a fixed date to commemorate the foundation of the World Health Organization, the first World Health Day was celebrated and honoured in 1950. As a result, the day commemorates the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948.


This year’s World Health Day theme is “Our Planet, Our Health.” Diseases like cancers, heart disease and asthma are on the rise as a result of the continuous pandemic and increasing pollution in the world. The World Health Organization wants to draw attention to the critical measures that must be taken to “keep individuals and the world healthy.”


In 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) held the inaugural World Health Assembly, which advocated for the creation of a “World Health Day.” The inaugural World Health Day was established on the 7th of April 1950, and it has been celebrated annually on that date ever since. World Health day’s primary aim is to create awareness of a particular health issue in order to draw attention to a World Health Organization strategic issue of interest.


The World Health Organization has contributed to increasing public knowledge of health and health-related issues, as well as how to resolve them. Annually, World Health Day, with its many themes, emphasizes current health challenges that demand immediate medical attention. World Health Day may also be a good time to think about your own health. As a result of the conversation, the stigma related to the disease can be reduced, and more individuals will seek help and treatments.

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