World Cancer Day 2022: “Closing the care gap”

Cancer is one of the most common causes of death worldwide, and its prevalence is increasing. In 2021, the world reached a new low point: an approximately 20 millions of people were diagnosed with cancer, with 10 million of them dying. In the coming decades, these statistics will keep rising. Despite this, all cases of cancer can be treated, and many can be prevented or cured entirely.

World Cancer Day is the only initiative that allows the entire world to join forces in the fight against the worldwide cancer epidemic. It is usually held on the 4th of February, of every year. World Cancer Day tends to save millions of lives each year by increasing cancer awareness and education, as well as pressuring governments and individuals around the world to take immediate action against the disease.

“Closing the care gap” is the theme for World Cancer Day 2022, and it strives to tackle inequities across the globe where cancer develops. Inequity is exacerbated by factors such as wealth, education, race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, and way of life. However it is completely obvious that these discrepancies contribute to inefficient care delivery, it is also vital to emphasise that steps must be taken to resolve social inequalities and promote an intensive, care-centered method.

With the increasing number of cancer cases, it is much more crucial than ever before to elevate cancer awareness, enlighten, educate, and sensitise the public. Workshops can be organised to explain the causes of cancer and to highlight the importance of early effective screening tests in cancer diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the method of several self-examinations that can be conducted without medical assistance is addressed.

Cancer that is detected early has a higher possibility of responding to treatment, which guarantees a better chance to survive as well as less morbidity.

Actions To Take

  • It is necessary to avoid discrimination against cancer patients. They should not be judged based on their health.
  • It is therefore important that everyone collaborates. Cancer must be seen as a mutual enemy, and efforts to eradicate it must be unified.
  • The Government should work with key healthcare stakeholders, such as Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and International Organisations, to make subsidised drugs and treatment facilities more widely available.

Cancer thrives as a result of these variations, however we can say goodbye to it once our hands are merged.

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