Four People Die In Sokoto From A Strange Illness

According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC), four people have died from an unknown illness across six local government areas in Sokoto State, Nigeria.

Dr Jide Idris, Director-General of NCDC, announced this during a press briefing on Tuesday in Abuja. The affected wards are Bargaja (22), Isa North (17), Isa South (98), Tozai (12), Tsabre (4), and Turba (11).

He stated that approximately 130 patients are receiving proper care in the affected LGA, either at Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) or at home.

Regarding the reasons for the illness, the DG stated that an initial clinical assessment and investigations involving the cases that were brought to the Teaching Hospital ruled out an infectious origin for this occurrence, prompting the search for further causes, which includes heavy metal testing.


“The results of the initial heavy metals test for the index and the very first few suspected cases showed different blood levels of lead (Pb) and chromium.”

“Observed activities in communities that have been affected include mining, agricultural practices comprising the use of various types of chemicals and pesticides, health-seeking behaviour, and community practices that may be life-threatening to the well-being of individuals.”

“In regards to this, various samples of materials were further collected and sent for the analyses, which includes the blood, abdominal fluids, environmental samples such as water and soil, locally grown food produce such as vegetables and grains, ingredients and substances that are used in food and drinks, chemicals and pesticides used for local guns,” he went on as he explained.

The NCDC director noted that a similar incidence had already been documented in 2023, however there was no definitive diagnosis.

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