Does Pineapple Juice Help With Wisdom Teeth

Does Pineapple Juice Help With Wisdom Teeth?

Does pineapple juice help with wisdom teeth? What a great question about your wisdom teeth and pineapple juice. Wisdom tooth removals are never enjoyable and may be quite stressful. You may be concerned about how you’ll be able to handle the pain and discomfort that may come after having your wisdom teeth removed.

The surgery aims to reduce the risk of various underlying issues, which include infection, tooth decay, and pain that might arise from retaining those teeth intact.

Research has indicated that the enzyme bromelain, which is found in pineapples, has the ability to reduce swelling and pain. This is perhaps the ultimate source of the idea that drinking pineapple juice after wisdom teeth removal helps a quicker recovery.

Although there are many factors involved that might affect your recovery, the possibility is that you really can make it a little more comfortable by using pineapple juice.

Is It Appropriate To Drink Pineapple Juice After Removing Wisdom Teeth?

Pineapple juice has a high acidity level. While drinking pineapple juice is generally safe, there are a few variables to consider. Drinking large amounts of fruit juice has a negative glycemic influence on the healing process. That is, your body must quickly metabolise a lot of sugar in the juice, and you may have severe energy anomalies and fatalities as a result, making you feel terrible.

And there is also the tendency for digestive pain, such as stomach aches, heartburn, and diarrhoea. Even the sugar in the juice can alter your blood sugar levels and potentially increase your risk of cavities. Therefore, it is not advised for people who have diabetes or blood sugar issues.

The Ideal Treatment For Recovering From Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • Using an ice pack on your cheek will help to reduce swelling.
  • However, gargling with salt water or hydrogen peroxide can also reduce swelling. You should not even swallow them.
  • Use over-the-counter medications and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to treat your symptoms.
Does Pineapple Juice Help With Wisdom Teeth

Bottom Line

Bromelain in pineapple juice can reduce swelling and inflammation, but when consumed in juice form, it produces a highly acidic drink that reduces your body’s natural ability to form a blood clot. Increasing the acidity may result in prolonged bleeding.

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